About me

My name is Thomas, and I’m before anything else a nerd. I’m easily described as a bit strange, but I like most things about myself, and I’ve got a network of friends large enough for me to think that I’m doing something right.

I’m a gamer since forever, with a gaming interest that spans from the most basic of boardgames to the most sophisticated of computer games. I like playing games, reading about games and analyzing games. I’ve also taken an in-depth interest in gender equality and various forms of representation in gaming, and I’m hoping to make many such thoughts part of my writing here.

I’ve also got a passion for all things storytelling, with an interest reaching all the way from exciting books telling of strange worlds, to the spoken word between two friends having gone out for a cup of tea. Life is a story, and I’m doing what I can to tell it as well as I possibly can. Within this range, I’m interested in dramathurgy, rhetorics and language, which I use to frequently try and improve the way I communicate.

I also enjoy movies, comics, TV-series, religion, philosophy, psychology, and a great many other things. My interests span far and wide, touching all things interesting. Doesn’t quite narrow it down on who I am, but it’s a start. With this blog, I’m hoping to become a force for good, and for change. I hope to speak of injustices in the various fields I enjoy, and of things done right. I’m a passionate warrior for what’s right and just, and I’m taking the war to the web. I’m hoping to talk about sexism, racism and bullying in gaming and elsewhere.

So stay a while and listen, while I try to tackle all the problems of the world.