A blog begins

This is the part where I’m expected to write a juicy hook that’ll keep you coming back to my little corner of the web. My first post, your first impression of me; a way to connect with readers all across the globe. Unfortunately, I can’t think of how to do this, so instead I’m going to simply outright write what this blog will be all about, and hopefully that’s enough for you to check back in when you’ve got time to spare.

I’m Thomas, a seasoned explorer of the written word, though not as much in authoring as reading. I like to read, but I’ve never given much time to actually writing. This will now change, and I’m doing this with the intention to impact the world in my own little way. I’m going to be exploring important topics, such as sexism in gaming, and in general. I’m going to be talking about books, writing and storytelling, and I’m going to be recommending and rejecting certain books and texts throughout my time on this blog. I’m going to write about games, about movies, about my own thoughts on life, and spend a good amount of time with a philosophical, psychological or sociological inclination.

So who is Thomas? Most simply described as a thinker of thoughts too big for my head. This is one of the reasons why I put them out here for the world to see, so that I can get some feedback on the many things I think. I’m a gamer since 20 years back, and a reader of books and comics for equally long. I’ve studied IT, philosophy, psychology, religion and a fair number of other things, for no other reason than that I love learning and I love to understand how people and the world works.

This is why I’m now making a blog, because I believe and because I’ve often been told that many many of the words I have to say, are worth listening to. Many aren’t, because I’m not very good at keeping things short, but that’s something I’m hoping to work on as I progress with this blog.

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